Ethan spent several years as the lead project manager for one of the most sought out construction companies in Middle Tennessee. While there, he worked on and managed projects from small bathroom remodels to multi-million dollar builds. Ethan has been involved in every step of the construction process from digging the footers for the foundation to putting the last shingle on the house.

After leaving that company he went into business for himself continuing to apply his skills to residential projects and eventually traveling the country remodeling retail spaces for companies such as Staples and Old Navy.

When the construction industry came to a screeching halt in the late 2000’s, it was time to do something new that he had always wanted to be involved with- he became a Realtor. Having helped several people in the buying and selling process, there seemed to be an opportunity. A perfect marriage of experiences of both real estate and building. So, he became a home inspector and has enjoyed it ever since.

Ethan has the unique experience of not only having built homes from the ground up with his own hands, but he also understands the process of buying and selling a home because he’s been there. He knows how to help you understand the issues of your home (or soon to be home) in terms that you can relate to.

In addition to inspecting homes, Ethan also enjoys reading, fishing, beekeeping, and hiking in the mountains with his wife and their four children.